The Bassline Machine is a monophonic bass synthesiser with a built-in sequencer. This classic device has a single oscillator capable of generating either a Sawtooth or square wave. The device also features a simple yet powerful filter. The Bassline Machine’s sequencer is a step sequencer and is similar to those found married to drum machines. The sequencer allows for a pattern as well as options about how you want to note to be played to be programmed into the device manually. Make a repetitive pattern and automate the filter controls as well as using the effect pedals to create full-on early 90s acid techno!


Notes and Sequencing

As mentioned the Bassline machine has a built-in sequencer, this is where notes can be added and defined. Notes are added to the sequence by first using the step index to decide on what step in the sequence you wan to be played and then adding a note to that step by selecting the required note by using the sequencing buttons.


  1. pattern length - This number denotes how many steps your sequence has.

  2. pattern +/- - Adjustment of how many steps there are in the sequence. TIP! Holding down SHIFT while selecting these buttons will allow you to double of half the number of steps in your sequence, (from 2-4, from 16-32 etc.etc.)

  3. clear pattern - Deletes the selected pattern.

  4. sequencer - Allows for definition of what note is played on each step. Only one note can be played per step.

  5. shuffle on/off - The shuffle option works by selecting key notes in the sequence and then moving or shuffling the notes between those key notes either forwards or backwards depending on the configuration of your timeline.

  6. note on/off - Allows for a note to be played on the step. (Selecting this button is essential if you want a note to be played on the selected step)

  7. transpose down - The transpose buttons allows for the note to be put down an octave.

  8. transpose up - The transpose buttons allows for the note to be put up an octave.

  9. accent - The accent button allows for the note to be accented. If this button is selected the strength of the accented note can be determined by using the Accent Wheel.

  10. slide - Allows for the note to make a smooth transition into the next note. (portamento)

  11. step index - Displays which step in the sequence is currently selected.

  12. next step - Go to next step in the sequence.

  13. previous step - Go to previous step in the sequence.


The middle area of the device is where you can toggle through the devices different internal patterns. This area also includes the Bassline’s master volume control.


  1. pattern selector - The pattern wheel allows for you to toggle through the different patterns within the selected pattern bank.

  2. pattern bank - The Bassline Machine has 4 different pattern banks A, B, C and D. Each pattern bank contains 7 different patterns.

  3. Volume - Master volume control.

Filter and Parameter Controls

Across the top of the Bassline machine is where the device’s filter controls can be found, as well as controls for some of the devices parameters. This is where the sound of the the device can really be defined. This is where the magic happens…


  1. waveform selector - Determines whether the device generates either a sawtooth or a square wave.

  2. tuning - Allows for fine tuning of the output signal.

  3. cut-off frequency - Allows definition of the internal filters cut-off frequency.

  4. resonance - Allows adjustment of the resonance of the output signal.

  5. envelope modulator - Allows control over of the size and shape of the filter envelope.

  6. accent - The accent wheel allows for control of the strength of the accented notes in the sequence.

NOTE: The accent wheel will do nothing unless the accent button has been used with at least 1 step in the sequence.