Bookmarks - The Smarter Save As

With bookmarks, it is finally possible to jump back to older versions of your tracks.

How are bookmarks different from save as?

Typically, “save as” implies that a new file is created and all subsequent changes take place in that new file. We figured that this will not go well with live collaboration:

  • Shall we create a new track on each ‘save as’?

  • Will all collaborators automatically switch over to the new track?

  • When opening an older version, what will happen to the collaborators currently in the track?

  • What about publishing different versions of the same track…?

So, we came up with the bookmark idea.

  • When creating bookmarks, you and your collaborators can continue to work on the current track.

  • ‘’Opening a bookmark ‘’will create a new, unsaved track.

  • Working on the new track will not affect the original.

  • It can be saved and publish independently.