Timeline Bouncing

You can now bounce parts of the timeline. Just set a range with the loop marker and select Project > Sample Upload > Bounce Timeline in the top bar menu. You can then adjust the parameters if needed and click Bounce. After the mix-down is completed, Studio will automatically open the sample editor Probe in a new browser-tab.

Make sure you allow this by disabling any pop-up blocking.

Two Pass Mode

In this mode the audio renderer will loop the section twice to make sure that all the delays and reverbs from the end of your range get wrapped into the start. We highly recommend it for loops.


In Probe, cut your sample and/or apply effects. When you are done, choose File > Upload and follow the instructions. Probe will stay connected with Audiotool and you will receive a notification in Studio when your sample is available.


If the tempo is static, we will send the bpm to Probe as well and immediately open the beat-grid feature to quickly cut your work in beats.

Watch the video: Bounce Timeline