The autofilter is a filter that can have its cut-off frequency altered either by the inputted signal or by its side-chain input (if used).


  1. attack - How fast the filter movement will reach its maximum depth.

  2. release - How fast the filter will move back to its initial frequency (see frequency).

  3. hold - Sets the duration the filter will stay at its maximum depth.

  4. gain - Boosts the gain of the signal.

  5. filter mode - The filter has 4 Modes: lowpass, lowpass inverted, hipass and hipass inverted.

  6. frequency - This parameter allows control over the filter’s cut-off frequency.

  7. resonance - Allows control over the filter’s resonance. NOTE: Don’t turn it up too much, possible damage to your ears and mind.

  8. depth - Depth and direction of the filter movement.

  9. threshold - The threshold sets the filter’s sensitivity, when will the the filter movement start.

  10. dry/wet - The dry/wet parameter lets you blend between the original (dry) and the filtered signal (wet). Turning the dry/wet to 0% will mean that the signal will pass through the device unchanged.

  11. side-chain - If a second signal is inputted into the autofilter’s side-chain then the filter will react on the side-chain input instead of the main input signal.