Performance issues

If the app feels slow or the audio becomes glitchy, there are a couple things you can do. First of all, we recommend to install Booster application to offload the audio engine to your computer.

If that is not enough, here are a couple more things that could potentially improve your experience:

Update Chrome

Install the latest stable versSion of Chrome. You can check your current version by typing chrome://settings/help into the address bar.

Free up system resources
  • Close any browser tabs you don’t need.

  • Quit background software like Skype, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Slack, etc.

  • Check for CPU intensive, unnecessary processes in your Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac).

  • Free up space on your hard disk if your machine runs out of it.

Remove unneeded extensions

Run the Studio in incognito mode to prevent extensions from interfering with the studio.

Reduce window size

Reduce your browser’s window if you have a very high screen resolution.

Optimize your arrangement

Arrangements can often contain inefficient effect chains, where several devices could just be removed or merged without altering the final sound. Ideally, you don’t need to bother, but every device on the desktop takes valuable CPU time. Here are some tips:

  • You can often merge combinations of Stereo-Detune and Stereo-Enhancer into one.

  • Compressors can make you believe that the sound is more powerful. Try bypassing them to see if they are really necessary. Sometimes just increasing the volume achieves the same effect.

  • The Heisenberg can be very CPU intensive. Try to minimise their amount in your arrangement or, if you don’t need any Heisenberg specific feature, use the less CPU intensive Pulverisateur to create your sound.

  • Quantum as a multi-band compressor is mainly used for mastering and to alter the dynamic of specific frequency bands in complex sounds. If you do not need these features, replace it with Gravity, which uses way less CPU.

  • When using Curve, switch off the filters you don’t need.

  • Switch the spectrum analyser in Quantum and Curve off once you’ve adjusted their settings.

  • If several sounds use the same effect chain, connect it to a mixer as a send/return effects chain instead of duplicating and inserting it after each sound.

  • Make your arrangement compact. Long cables take longer to draw.

  • When working on parts of a big arrangement, deactivate any timeline tracks that you don’t need to hear.

Activate Hardware Acceleration
  • Please follow this guide to activate hardware acceleration in Chrome

  • Update your graphics card drivers: Google Search

On Windows: Set Browser graphics preference to ‘High Performance’
  • Search and select ‘Graphics Settings’ in Start or go to Settings > System > Display > Graphics

  • Under ‘Custom Options for Apps’ find your web browser in the list (or add it to the list via ‘Add an app’)

  • In the list, click on your web browser and click on ‘Options’

  • Select ‘High performance’ option if available