How to Contribute

This page describes how you can contribute to the manual pages of audiotool yourself.

If you’re only want to give feedback without making changes yourself, please create an issue here.


The website you’re seeing here is generated based on a set of text files that are written using the reStructured markup syntax. These files can be found in this public repository; browse the directory called “manuals” to get an idea of its structure. If you want to understand more about how the webpage is generated, read the documentation of Sphinx.

If you have made or want to make changes, please use the forking/pull request workflow described here.

Build locally

The following steps describe how you can build this website locally on your computer so see what your changes look like.

First, you need to:

  • install sphinx

  • install extension: python3 -m pip install sphinx-rtd-theme sphinx-sitemap

Then, everytime you make a change [1], rebuild with:

make html

You can view your changes by opening the file file _build/html/index.html in your webbrowser.

Troubleshooting make html not working

If for whatever reason the above setup doesn’t work, you can also install the sphinx package directly in python:

python3 -m pip install sphinx

And then call the make html command manually from the project cirectory:

python3 -m sphinx html _build/html .

Make sure you have install the theme as described above.